"One of the most talented warriors who ever lived in Israel"

Sifrei Torah in Memory of Emmanuel Yehuda Moreno, z"l

A unique element within the IYIM Warrior Torah Program,

one that is ongoing in its efforts to immortalize the memory of

Lt. Col. Emmanuel Moreno z"l  in a way that is a testament to the life that he embodied - with the words of the Living Torah.

Warrior Sketch: Adar Darnov;




Lt. Col. Emmanuel Yehuda Moreno was born in  France on June 17, 1971. His family made aliyah when he was a year old and he grew up in Jerusalem, attending religious high schools and belonging to the B’nei Akiva youth group.


Emmanuel studied in the pre-army yeshiva military academy "Eli" and completed a degree in Law while he served in the IDF. He also worked for the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) before he returned to the Sayeret Matkal unit – the legendary commando unit of Entebbe fame.


Emmanuel lived humbly and quietly with his wife, Maya, and their three children on a yishuv near Sderot.


Honoring a holy soldier


On August 18, 2006, on the night of Shabbat, at the conclusion of the Second Lebanon war, Emmanuel was killed in action in the area of Baalbek in Lebanon


He left behind his wife, 3 children, his parents, grandparents and brothers.

After Shabbat, thousands of friends and comrade officers and soldiers gathered at Mount Herzl and stood in silence to offer him their final respects. The funeral took place in the dark of night, fitting for a holy soldier who lived his entire life modestly and humbly.


Emmanuel was described by a former Minister of Defense and his senior Commander in Matkal, as "a man of stature: an officer, a leader, but also an individual of iron will;" and by one of his former comrades as being "one of the most talented warriors who ever lived in Israel, whose comparison with Bar Kochba, the Jewish leader who led the revolt against Rome between 132 and 135 AD, is accurate."


The IDF operations that Emmanuel was involved in  were so secretive and sophisticated, that even today censors ban publication of his photographs; this is believed to be the only such ban in IDF history.


His name is whispered with such great reverence within his Saret Matkal unit and by its commanders, often being referred to as exemplifying the "soul" of the unit. 


As an indication of the esteem in which he is still and will continue to be held within the IDF, a conference, entitled "Leadership," in honor of Emmanuel Moreno, is held annually. The conference is by invitation only, for soldiers graduating from Officer School, recently qualified pilots and the Officers of the IDF General Staff.



How to get invovled


A restored Torah donated to The Emmanuel Moreno Torah Project will be dedicated in the name of the donor(s) community, school organization or individual and could honor the memory of any specific person designated by the donor(s).


  • The Sefer Torah cover will be inscribed with the name of the donor and person being remembered. 

  • Donors will receive a photo album as a momento.

  • The donor(s) will be invited to take part in the moving dedication ceremony accompanying the induction of Warrior Torah into the IDF. To learn more about the ceremony and the day's events, click here.




As the fundraising efforts for this project are ongoing, partnerning opportunities are available for contributing towards the dedication of a Torah in the name of Emmanuel Moreno z"l, when the option of donating the entire Scroll is not available.


A Living Memory:

The Word & the Sword


Emmanuel’s brothers, grandparents and all of his beloved family decided to establish this project to honor Emmanuel's  memory, his heroic bravery, his modesty and generosity to his fellow human beings, his learning and spiritual love of Torah, his religion and his country. And to immortalize Emmanuel's Spiritual passion, his Service and his ultimate Sacrifice...


For his country and all Jewish People 

The Word and the Sword: The Emmanuel Moreno Torah Project  is run in partnership in Derech Ami