Sefer Torah in Memory of Henri Sueke, z"l

On May 18, 2015 the world lost a very special soul.


Dr. Henri Sueke, loving husband and father of four, was tragically killed in a road traffic accident while biking to the hospital where he worked as a talented and dedicated pediatric eye surgeon.


Many touching and incredibly helpful campaigns have since been set in motion to help Henri's young family get through this incredibly challenging time. Other fundraising efforts were connected to the many charities to which Henri dedicated himself.


This campaign has a completely different focus - the spiritual elevation (iluy neshama) of Henri, and a living memorial for himself and his family.

The cost of the Torah restoration and dedication is US$15,000*


US$100  Donated by  1  Funder** SO FAR!


Let's get this funded by April 20th! 

So we can begin to plan for this meaningful event to take place in time for the one year yahrtzeit of Henri's passing.


  *Approximately AU$21,000 or 11,000 Pounds Sterling

**Donation amounts updated every 24 hours



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We are looking to raise money to donate a Sefer Torah in Henri's memory for use in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) by Israel's brave soldiers as they fight to defend the Jewish homeland.


This dedication is particularly unique and but a small testament to a man so dedicated to life, family, Israel, Torah and mitzvot.


The funds will be used to restore the Torah Scroll and cover the cost of the entire event which includes, among other things, the hachnasat Sefer Torah (dedication ceremony) on an IDF base - a beautiful celebration with the soldiers, dancing and singing and escorting the Torah to the Aron Kodesh; the Torah accoutremants - eitzei chaim (wooden handles), mantle emblazoned with Henri's name, and all other details of the event, which is done in close coordination with the IDF.


The first yahrtzeit (first anniversary of his passing) is coming up shortly, and having the Torah prepared to be dedicated for Henri's iluy neshama on this day would be particularly special. The sooner the funds are raised the sooner we will be able to put this event into motion.


We have been in direct contact with Henri's family who have expressed their support for this campaign and would love to see this incredibly meaningful dedication happen. 


Anyone who donates will be invited to join the Torah dedication on the IDF base, a truly unique and memorable experience.



Please donate and share so that we can begin organizing this incredibly meaningful event in loving memory of Henri.


Additionally, we invite you to take a moment to share a memory or story of Henri in the message box below, for special use in the ceremony.


There are many resources online to learn more about Henri, his family, charitable organizations he raised money for or the details of his passing. The following was recommended by his wife, Dani.

For more details on the IYIM Warrior Torah Program, through which the restoration and


event will be organized, please see or contact us.



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Donations to the Warrior Torah Program are tax deductible 
for Pounds Sterling, USD and NIS.
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