Partnering a Letter is an opportunity to be involved in The Warrior Torah Program when donating an entire Torah is not within the means of the donor.

The donor has the option to:


  • Join a current fundraising effort 

  • Begin a fundraising effort, which IYIM is happy to help arrange.


Partering a letter begins at $18.


Partnering a Parsha is the next level of opportunity to be involved in The Warrior Torah Program.


The donor will receive a certificate for their donation and receive a video of the event!


Parterning a Parsha begins at $280


Partnering a Sefer is the highest level of opportunity before donating the entire Scroll.


The donor will receive a certificate for their donation eceive a video of the event, and be invited to attend the dedication ceremony on the base!*


Parterning a Sefer begins at $3,000


* Entrance to an IDF army base is entirely dependent upon IDF regulations and authorization. IYIM will do its best to arrange but cannot guarantee entrance. 

Ongoing Torah Funds

The Word and the Sword:

The Emmanuel Moreno z"l Project



Reserve Warriors:

Sifrei Torah for use during times of war  



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Donations to the Warrior Torah Program are tax deductible.
Tax deductions are available for USD,  NIS and GBP.
Some donors choose to set up a crowdfunding campaign among friends and family to contribute to the cost of the Torah. These campaigns can be set up via IYIM in order for contributors to receive a tax refund or be eligible for Gift Aid in the UK.
For more information, or to inquire about options in other currencies,  please contact us.

The  Warrior Torah Program is in loving memory of Ruby Davidman, z"l


And is a proud part of IYIM - Israel Region

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