Welcome to the Warrior Torah Program


Partner with us in this unique and meaningful mission to provide each unit of Israel's Armed Forces with a Torah Scroll.


Provide constant spiritual and emotional support for Israel's soldiers as they defend Israel, the Jewish People,

and countless others worldwide.



"We are excited to give back to the IDF in a meaningful way and we are grateful that IYIM made that possible. The dedication was a once in a lifetime experience saturated with meaning, emotion and jubilation. IYIM really listened to our wishes and succeeded in executing a wonderful day which will always remain in our hearts and minds. We hope that the Torah will be a source of guidance and strength to the men and women of the IDF and all of Klal Yisrael."


Marks Family, Woodmere, NY

Torah Dedication in honor of their son's Bar Mitzvah

Headquarters of the Shomron Regional Brigade

Donor Feedback


Celebrating with the Warrior Torah

Your donation includes:


  • Restoration of the Torah Scroll by IDF Rabbinate-approved scribes

  • Dressing the Torah - Eitzei Chaim and Embroidered Torah cover

The Torah cover is emblazoned with your desired wording to commemorate your dedication

  • A chartered round-trip bus from the city of your choice (in Israel) to the selected base

  • Video and photography*

  • The Dedication Ceremony and all accoutremants - music, chupah, etc.

  • Light refreshments following the ceremony


Additions, at Donor's request (included in the cost):


  • We are very open to requests and ideas and do our best to accommodate, such as tree planting on the base or a stop-off at a local sight.


Donors often add (not included in the cost):


  • Gifts for the soldiers

  • Professional photo/video


 *  Amateur video and photography is included. Professional services are available upon      

     request at extra cost. All photographs and video are for family use only and not for online  

     use without written permission.


IYIM is a registered non-profit.
As such, donations to the Warrior Torah Program are tax deductible.
Tax deductions are available for USD, NIS and GBP.
Contact us for information on these and other currencies.
Donating a Torah to the IDF or Border Police via the IYIM Warrior Torah Program is US$15,000.
Not in the position to donate the entire Torah Scroll, or not all at once? You have options.

Some donors choose to set up a crowdfunding campaign among friends and family to contribute to the cost of a personalized Torah dedication. These campaigns can be linked to IYIM's account in order for contributors to receive a tax refund or be eligible for Gift Aid in the UK.