2018 Dedications

 Telem Base-Shul   Dedication 

 Leo V. Berger Fund-

 President Harvey Schwartz 

 New York, USA

 November 2018


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New Synagogue Dedicated at IDF Telem Base in Israel


Monday, November fourth was a day of celebration for the soldiers of the Telem base located just outside of Hebron. Joyous singing and dancing could be heard throughout the region as they welcomed their new synagogue, graciously donated by the  Leo V. Berger Fund through its President Harvey Schwartz. While dancing with the Torah scroll, they all suddenly disappeared, it happened in seconds- leaving the other celebrants baffled. The alarm had been sounded, there had been a stabbing attempt at the Cave of the Patriarchs (Ma’arat Hamachpela) and the soldiers were the first ones to respond.

The visiting delegation was stunned. Moments before they had been privy to seeing a drill of such nature and now they were experiencing the readiness in real time. A living proof that these brave young men and women are on call 24/7.


The mission of the Telem base soldiers is to ensure safety and security for neighboring communities, and to safeguard major roads so travel can be safe and accessible to all. These defenders are the first responders for any terror-related incidents that occur on the highways or in the surrounding communities which were evident at our event.

The ceremony continued, with the ribbon cutting and the unveiling of the plaque and the synagogue was used for the Mincha prayers.

The Leo V. Berger Fund, lead by its Israel based President Harvey Schwartz, recognized the spiritual needs of the soldiers and not only their physical prowess. Therefore, they have already dedicated two synagogues (the other one being to the undercover anti-terror base) and numerous Sifrei Torah (Torah Scrolls) to ensure that the spiritual well being of the defenders are being taken care of.  


These donations were made possible through the Warrior Torah project of the International Young Israel Movement (IYIM) which facilitates Sifrei Torah (many brought from synagogues from outside Israel) dedications to army, navy and air force bases, the dedication of synagogues on Magav bases and the purchase of tefillin and mezuzot for bases.


In fact, both Sifrei Torah on the Telem base synagogue were donated via this project and dedicated by families from Boston, USA, and Melbourne, Australia.

"There is no greater honor than dedicating a synagogue on a military base in Israel. To watch these fighters who guard over Israel and her people 24/7, 365 days a year dance with the Sifrei Torah with their rifles hung over their backs proves to us that the Jewish nation is strong once again." -Harvey Schwartz (President, Leo V. Berger Fund).


The event concluded with handing out tefillin sets for the soldiers. A humbling moment for all present was the dedication of one of these sets to the family of a fallen soldier from the base that was present at the ceremony. Click here to see the video: https://youtu.be/wdjLbPrLIaM


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Hebron Regional Command-Torah Dedication 

Bausk Family 

New York, USA


May 2018

In memory of  Rebbetzin Bausk's Father


Marking Yom Yerushalayim with a Torah Dedication in Hebron


On May 13th, Yom Yerushalayim, Rabbi Chaim, and Rebbetzin Gitty Bausk, together with family and friends, traveled to the Hebron Regional Command base for a very special Torah Dedication.


Gitty Bausk wanted to find the most suitable way to honor her late father, who had served in the US Navy during World War II. She envisioned a memorial that would encompass all of his loves: the Torah of Israel, the Land of Israel and the army of Israel.  Hence, the decision to dedicate a Torah to the armed forces through the International Young Israel Movement (IYIM) – Warrior Torah program - a program dedicated to donating Sifrei Torah to the IDF and Israeli Armed Forces.


The Hebron Regional Command base was chosen for the occasion as it has a meaningful story behind it. In March of 2001, a sniper terrorist attack killed 10-month-old Shalhevet Pass in the Jewish neighborhood of Hebron.  In response, the IDF set up a small base on the ridge that the sniper shot from. Over the years, increasing improvements were made to strengthen this base. There was only one piece of “equipment” missing for its completion.  On May 13th, 2018 the final piece of equipment arrived, the base received their own Torah - the ultimate protector of the Jewish people.


Upon arrival, the party was greeted by the IDF Regional Commander, the Base Commander, commanding officers, and soldiers. The Regional Commander thanked the Bausk’s for facilitating the completion of this mission. This was followed by a long procession filled with the soldiers and visitors which saw the Torah being led under the chuppah throughout the base, carried to its final home. Spontaneous dancing occurred as the Torah was led to a convoy of four armored vehicles that were to take the Torah to the base on the top of the ridge. Security considerations allowed for only soldiers to continue. At the Torah’s final destination a second celebration was held. The Torah all the way from Boston had finally found a home in Hebron.


At the conclusion of the day, Rebbetzin Bausk commented: “The ceremony exceeded my expectations, I’m overwhelmed with emotion and can feel my father’s presence - what a special experience. I know my father would have been so proud with dedicating a torah to the defenders of Israel- as he too was a man of service in the American Navy.”

The Sefer Torah dedication ceremony was facilitated by the International Young Israel Movement (IYIM) - Warrior Torah program (www.warriortorah.org ).

Birthdays are causes for celebrations, especially when you turn seventy! Dr. Shoshana Kloot from Melbourne, Australia, wanted her milestone to be celebrated in a memorable way surrounded by family and close friends. As such, she decided to donate a Sefer Torah in honor of her birthday to the defenders of Israel.


Dr. Kloot fondly remembers celebrating her fifth birthday with the State of Israel - an experience that forever bonded her to the land. Naturally, she then wanted to continue showing her love for Eretz Israel and Torat Israel, bridging her past and future together with a very special Torah dedication.


She did just that, on Monday, April 16th, Erev Yom HaAtzmaut, in conjunction with the International Young Israel Movement (IYIM) - Warrior Torah program on the Mishmar HaGvul Telem base just outside Hebron. The date could not be more befitting for this unique dedication.


Upon arrival, Yossi, the base commander, took her along with the entire entourage on a tour of the base. He explained the strategic and essential location of the area. Additionally, he emphasized the important roles of the soldiers serving in this unit as protecting the surrounding communities and preventing terrorists from infiltrating into the territory. A festive lunch was followed which was enjoyed by all.


Then began the Hachnasat Sefer Torah procession with enthusiastic dancing and music. Soldiers of all ranks mixed with visitors from Australia and Israel as the Torah was greeted by its counterparts. Music blasting, soldiers, and family members danced with the new Sefer Torah and another Sefer Torah previously donated through the IYIM Warrior Torah program on the base. Everyone took turns holding it under the chuppah, while singing and dancing could be heard all throughout the base as the Torah made its way into the shul.


Once inside the base's synagogue, the singing and dancing continued. Then, Chief Sergeant Gil gave divrei Torah, followed by a speech and gift presentation by Daniel M. Meyer (Exec. Director of IYIM) and then the birthday girl herself, Shosh Kloot. Special divrei chizuk were given by Rabbi Boruch Zaichyk, formerly the Rav of Mizrachi Melbourne.


The day concluded with a historic visit to Maarat HaMachpela in Hebron and a mincha prayer service. The celebrations continued on the bus as it made its way back to Modiin.


The Sefer Torah dedication ceremony was facilitated by the International Young Israel Movement (IYIM) - Warrior Torah program (www.warriortorah.org ).

Telem Base-Torah Dedication 

Kloot Family 

Melbourne, Australia


 April 2018

In honor of Dr. Kloot's 70th Birthday!


Iron Dome Unit-Torah Dedication 

Roszler Family 



January 2018

In loving memory of Rav Tzvi Elimelech Roszler z"l


On a beautiful winter’s day in January, IYIM had the honor of hosting a unique Torah Dedication to the IDF by the Roszler Family.  Janis and Myer Roszler of North Miami Beach, along with their children, siblings and extended family dedicated a Sifrei Torah in loving memory of Myer's father, Rav Elimelech Roszler z”l.


The Torah was dedicated to the Southern Iron Dome Unit located in the northern Negev, “patrolling” the skies over the Gaza strip. This mobile unite is extraordinary by nature as it disperses every six months and travels across the country.The unit's purpose is to use their radars to detect rockets with the biggest threat and shoot them down.


As the Roszler's and their guests entered the Iron Dome unit compound they were greeted by smiling soldiers who were staring in disbelief that fellow Jews would travel from so far away to their base to celebrate a Hachnasat Sefer Torah with them. As the music blared, soldiers and family members danced with the Sefer Torah, taking turns in holding it under the chuppah. Singing and dancing could be heard all throughout the base as the Torah made its way to the makeshift synagogue. There all huddled in a container like room, speeches were made by the  Chief Rabbi of the Air Force Lior Bardeya, the Rabbi of Israel's Air Defenses Yair Abu, commander of the base Major K., Daniel Meyer (Exec.-Director of IYIM), Isaac Roszler and Shimmy Kandel. The commander shared that in all his years in the army, this was his first ever Hachnasat Sefer Torah and he felt privileged to be part of this special occasion!


Rav Elimelech Roszler z”l was the sole survivor from his family, who all perished in the holocaust. Both his grandson’s emphasized his love for the Land of Israel and Torah during their speeches which were very personal and emotional.


As Rav Elimelech z”l rose from the ashes of the Holocaust and embraced Zionism, so to will this Sefer Torah be a symbol of strength and shield Israeli Soldiers in time of need.


The dedication of the Sefer Torah was facilitated by the International Young Israel Movement (IYIM) - Warrior Torah program (www.warriortorah.org).