Welcome to the Warrior Torah Program

Partner with us in this unique and meaningful mission to provide each IDF unit with a Torah Scroll.


Provide constant spiritual and emotional support for Israel's soldiers as they defend Israel, the Jewish People, and countless others worldwide.

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What you receive:
What you give
Celebrating with the Warrior Torah
Donating a Torah to the IDF via the IYIM Warrior Torah Program is US$15,000.
Holocaust/Eastern European Torah Scroll restoration and donation is US$18,000.
The cost includes:
  • Restoration of the Torah Scroll by IDF Rabbinate-approved scribes
  • Dressing the Torah - Eitzei Chaim and Embroidered Torah cover
The Torah cover is emblazoned with your desired wording to commemorate your dedication
  • A chartered round-trip bus from the city of your choice (in Israel) to the selected base
  • Video and photography
  • The Dedication Ceremony and all accoutremants - music, chupah, etc.
  • Light refreshments following the ceremony
Additions, at Donor's request (included in the cost):
  • IYIM can plan a full day event around the ceremony to help make this special day even more memorable
Past arrangements have included: tree-planting on the way to the base, gleaning of the Leket fields, visits to the Air Force Museum, soldier demonstrations, and more.
  • We are very open to requests and ideas and do our best to accomodate
Donors often add (not included in the cost):
  • Gifts for the soldiers*
  • A festive meal on the base for themselves and their guests and/or the soldiers
This can be from hors d'oeuvres to a BBQ or a sit-down meal. IYIM works with its donors to match their requests to their desired budget
  • Private DJ for the Dedication Ceremony or the sit-down meal
*  Partnerting options are available. Inquire at IDFTorah@iyim.org.il
IYIM is a registered non-profit.
As such, donations to the Warrior Torah Program are tax deductible.
Tax deductions are available for USD, Canadian Dollar, Euro and British Pound.
Some donors choose to set up a crowdfunding campaign among friends and family to contribute to the cost of the Torah. These campaigns can be linked to IYIM's account in order for contributors to receive a tax refund or be eligible for Gift Aid in the UK.