About The Warrior Torah Program 

The IYIM Warrior Torah Program is a project aimed at providing the brave soldiers of the Israeli Army, Navy, Air Force & Border Police with Sifrei Torah for their spiritual fortitude, to strengthen and guide them. 

Over 200 Sifrei Torah have been redeemed and dedicated to IDF bases throughout Israel. These efforts are spearheaded by Rabbi Pesach Lerner in New York, Commander Rabbi Yedidya Atlas of the IDF Rabbinate and IYIM - Israel Branch.
This Program provides individual donors and donor communities with an incredible opportunity - restoring an otherwise pasul or unused Sefer Torah to its former glory, and dedicating towards one of the most important causes in the Jewish world today - guiding and protecting the lives of Israel's soldiers as they defend the Jewish homeland and all of the Jewish people.

The Torah Scrolls themselves are donated by synagogues and individuals in North America and Europe, the scrolls having fallen into disrepair or sitting alongside many other Sifrei Torah in the Aron Kodesh, rarely being used.

IYIM accompanies the Scroll throughout its entire journey - from its location, transport, restoration and eventual inauguration into the IDF. 
Each Sefer Torah is presented to an IDF base or IDF unit with a special celebratory event. The ceremony includes army hierarchy, Rabbanim, public officials, the donor's group of family and guests - and of course the soldiers! This celebration is unlike any other and will be remembered by you and your family and friends for a lifetime.

About IYIM

IYIM is the Israel branch of a 100 year old Orthodox Synagogue umbrella group that has always been proudly Zionistic.


The Israel branch is involved in its 55 branches from Beersheva and Sderot in the South through to Karmiel and Hispin in the North, in social welfare activities with Israel's poor, programming with the IDF Rabbinate, with English speaking olim of various ages and more.


IYIM strives to assist those sectors of the Israeli population most in need, many that do not make the news headlines. These include the deaf and hearing impaired, Agunot and divorce refusal victims (both male and female), teens-at-risk and the young Ethiopian community of Sderot.


IYIM strives to enhance Jewish Peoplehood by aiming to strengthen connections between our members in Israel and their counterparts in Young Israel synagogues spread throughout North America, through a legacy of support and enhancement of the Jewish people throughout Israel.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebration for Deaf  Youth

Sderot Teen Cafe

Mishlochei Manot to the IDF

Our Team

Daniel M. Meyer

Executive Director, IYIM - Israel Region


Daniel brings over 15 years of experience of global Jewish organizational work to IYIM.


Born in Sydney Australia where he received a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of NSW and was actively involved in the local Jewish community.


Daniel made Aliyah in 1992 and after stints at Yeshivat Hamivtar became Director of the Yavenh Olami - International Orthodox students' organization, programs director at the World Mizrachi Movement, and programs director at the Council of Young Israel Rabbis in Israel before assuming his current position.


Aviva Sherman

Director of Programming, IYIM - Israel Region


Aviva brings a rich background of knowledge and skill sets to IYIM.


With experience in the for-profit sector as an executive administrator and public and investor relations officer, along with her work as an English teacher, writer and content editor, Aviva’s role as IYIM’s Director of Programming and Development provides a wealth of opportunity for both Aviva and the organization to develop ideas and bring them into fruition.


Originally from New York, Aviva made Aliyah in 2005. In addition to her work in administration she has a background in conventional and holistic medicine and uses both actively in her home life. She lives in Jerusalem with her daughter.



Ceec Harrishburg

President, IYIM - Israel Region


Ceec and his wife Tema made aliyah 3 1/2 years ago from Elizabeth, New Jersey where they lived for 4 years prior to settling in Yerushalayim. 


Prior to making aliyah they lived in Patchogue, Long Island where Ceec served as the President of the Young Israel for many years. 


Bringing people together, sharing ideas, and striving to create efficient working teams are activities which every president deals with. Being involved with IYIM is an extension of those efforts which were begun many years ago. The time and the effort is great, but the results are extremely satisfying. It is an exciting challenge to be involved with so many wonderful people here in Israel.