2017 Dedications

Jordan Valley Regional Brigade - Double Torah Dedication 

Glogower and Krupnick Families 

New York & Illinois


October 2017

In loving memory of their grandparents

Donating a Sefer Torah to the IDF through IYIM was one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of my life... The dedications were absolutely beautiful... [t]he whole day was absolutely perfect!

Dr. Emily Glogower


Over Sukkoth, IYIM was privileged to host a very special Torah dedication for the IDF by the Glogower family. David and Emily Glowgower along with their parents, cousins, and friends dedicated two Sifrei Torah to the IDF in loving memory of their grandparents.


The Torahs were dedicated at the IDF regional headquarters of the Jordan Valley. In order to understand the strategic significance of this part of Israel, the group was given a tour of the area, which explained the religious, strategic and political importance of the region. During the trip, they learned about the city of Jericho, where Yehoshua first crossed into the Land of Israel. Then the family visited a date farm  where they learned about the process of how dates grow and they got to experience the taste of the sweet fruits of the country.


The Glogower family and friends were met by musicians blowing shofars, beating on drums and playing various instruments upon entering "Hatmar 417" ( the IDF base). After some dancing, the family was invited to "dress" the two Sifrei Torah with me'ilim (coats) that had embroidered dedications of their two grandfathers. This was followed by speeches in the auditorium by Rabbi Tom Edelshtein, Lt. Col (Res.) Yediya Atlas, Daniel M. Meyer, Emily Glowgower and Rabbi. Dr.Israel Bruck. Then the lively procession took place where soldiers and family members took turns in holding the Torahs under the chuppah and singing and dancing could be heard all throughout the base as the Torah's made their way to the synagogue.


The ceremony was incredibly moving and joyous as the two Torahs found their new home with the defenders of the State of Israel.

Hebron Hills - 

Israel Border Police 

Doppelt Family

Massachusetts & Florida

February 2017

In memory of loved ones

IYIM, with the generous support of the Doppelt family, had the privilege of donating a Sefer Torah to an Israeli Border Police base located in the Hebron Hills.


The Sefer Torah, given in loving memory of Irving & Ricky Doppelt of Lawrence, New York, was donated by the Doppelts’ children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  In addition to the special significance of this Torah to the Doppeltfamily, the base at Telem has long awaited their own Torah, and as such the celebration was met with great anticipation on all sides.


The group was greeted at Telem by the area Commander, Border Police Rabbinate representatives, officers and the fighters connected to the base. The guests were treated to a demonstration by the unit and were able to see the Border Police in action.


Steve Doppelt, son of Irving and Rocky Doppelt, joined by his wife Carol, described the decision for the family to donate a Torah to the Defense forces as “a most fitting commemoration of my late parents’ commitment to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” He also added that his family saw “the success of the dedication [as] 100% due to IYIM’s coordinating efforts.”