Providing for the spiritual needs of the brave soldiers of the Israeli Army, Navy Air Force & Border Police



What We Do
Working together with the IDF Rabbinate, and the generous contributions of our donors, the IYIM  Warrior  Torah  Program
has donated more than 200 restored Torah Scrolls to the IDF
Including Air Force Bases, Submarines,
Medic Units and Front-line Combat Units.​
The Only Army in the World 
The IDF recognizes the physical and spiritual needs of their soldiers, and IYIM's Warrior Torah Program seeks to provide every unit of Israel's Armed Forces with the essential and awe-some presence of a Sefer Torah

Create an Ever-lasting Bond


Donate a Sefer Torah to the IDF in memory of a loved one or in honor of a milestone


Illuminate a loved one's the memory, celebrate an anniversary with Israel's soldiers, partner a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or other milestone

Warrior Torah Scribes
The loving and painstaking work of restoring a Torah Scroll is carried out at an IDF Rabbanite Base, by  Warrior Torah Scribes. 
Partner in this incredible mitzvah of sposoring the restoration of a Torah scroll for use by IDF soldiers and their quest of defending the Jewish people and helping those in need worldwide.